Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

I realize the world is a sad place for many right now, but I must share a little story that celebrates love and joy.

Many, many, MANY, years ago, my sixteen-year-old boyfriend gave me a Lladro donkey. That boy and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in May. I cherished that donkey and always kept it in a place of honor.

Then eleven years after we got married, I had my first child, a sweet baby boy. When he was two years old, he threw a plastic ball in the house that shattered my treasure. I was heartbroken, but I couldn’t be angry with him for being a little boy. That energetic toddler is now 29 years old, and he rarely breaks my stuff anymore.

I actually kept the pieces of the donkey for 25 years before I could bring myself to throw them away. I thought about replacing it many times over the years, but they’re hard to find in the matte finish, and the ones I did find had minor damage. They’re also very expensive, much more than the $29.00 my high school sweetheart spent.

Last week I thought about my Lladro donkey. On a lark, I logged into my ebay account. I haven’t bought anything on ebay for at least ten years, but there was a perfect, matte finish, Lladro donkey for a very reasonable price right in front of me. And the seller had a 100% rating. It was meant to be!

It arrived today in mint condition. I’m over the moon. I will love it well.